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My work has been used by a number of clients, both public and private. The sample images on this website/online catalog at New England Photos are only copies to give customers some idea as to what the photos look like. Actual prints are of the highest quality as can be proven by the fact that they have been purchased by such places as Sheldon Fine Art in Newport, Rhode Island. All prints are produced by a professional photo lab, and NOT off my own computer printer.

Artist Statement January 1, 2010:

Although many images were produced with film over the course of 30 years, I have finally decided to dip my toes into the digital age. The reason I waited so long to switch to digital is because I felt the digital standards of quality are finally matching that of film. Earlier, I simply was not comfortable that was the case. However, it was important to me, that my approach to digital photography was much the same as it was when I was shooting film. To reproduce the actual scene witnessed, and not to create something new on the computer. Essentially, every effort is made to keep in tune with the original film traditions. Any adjustments that I feel need to be made to any image, are adjustments that can be done in any film darkroom. Minor tweaking of things such as lighting and contrast, are typical of any darkroom process, be it film or otherwise. If the original shot requires too many adjustments, I simply discard the image entirely. I am NOT in the business of making bad photos into good ones. Like the old film days, I try to get the shot right the first time. What you see in any of the images, is what I was looking at during the shoot. Also, I do not print my own photos. Like my film days all images are printed at a professional lab and not on my computer printer. 60If I was going to enter the modern era, I wanted to do it right and drag as much of the old fashioned days with me as possible. Only difference being, I no longer have to lug those 60 rolls of film along on any road trips!

Retailers and clients have included:

Tanglewood (summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra)
Tale Of The Cod Gifts, Chatham Cape Cod
National Wildlife Federation
New England Association For Healthcare Philanthropy (website)
Tourism Dept. of Roxton Falls, Quebec Canada

Bedard Photo has also been recognized in the following newspapers:

Boston Sunday Globe
The Berkshire Record
The Sheffield Times

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